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Faelgalad wrote:

1. Does it scale?

It doesn't scale. So if things change, like in the coming Rise of Kunark, this doesn't change. How much Healing/Damage boost on items will we see in RoK? Enough to push this to neglible.

This is bad. A monks +15% Castingspeed and the bruisers 15% Aggroimprovment scales. This divides Paladin/Sk from Monk/Bruiser. That's makes +90 an bad idea.

It should scale with the level of the spell or not?

2. Is it unique?

No, +90 is just comparable arround two legendary +40  Healing Adornments. Not really amazing. In less than a couple of Egg-Runs you have enough stuff to go to a friendly transmuter to get these.

The Monk, Bruiser stuff can only be taken by some classes via their achivement. Which is out of reach. Every healer can get +40 healing adornments, no Bard can get +15% Castingspeed.

+90+40+40 = +170

+15% Casting is not that less.

3. Big Number, Little Effect?

Most Healers are Druids running arround. Druids use Healing over Time. +90 is split between those ticks. So a 10 Tick healing over Time get's it ticks increased by 9 points. That is nothing in T7, less in T8 coming.

And the Shadowknight, mighty +90 Damage? Not really, every Damage-over-Time Spell uses the same Gamemechanic. So it diminishes the effect dramatically.

inc of dmg is inc of dmg. the str buff has far more less use then the +90Dmg. The change makes sk's more inresting for raid now.

4. Usefullness in Raids?

Okay, the average Joe of Raid, how many people get something from this? 2x Tanks, 8x Healers, 4x Buffers, 10x DD's would be an common build up. From the 8x Healers, let's assume, 2x Templar/Inquisitor, 2x Mystic/Defiler, 2x Furies, 2x Wardens. So an third of the Raid gets an Bonus. But as shown in Point 3, half of that people don't get so much. Many raids can do many KoS Zones with 6x Healers btw.

Comparing to Bruiser, 10x DD's and 2x Tanks get something from it (Aggro Managment), let's assume 5x Melee DD's to 5x Caster DD's, would give the Monk 17 Candidats to help (8x Healers, 5x Mages, 4x Buffer). In each case, half and more of the raid, not a halfed third. The more DD's and Mages, the more usefull this get.

For SK's would the configuration above meaning 11 people getting something, 4x Buffers a bit, as they often do other thinks or as Bards are not purely Spell Damage, 5x Mages and 2x Furies if those Furies go into attack sometimes. Meaning 5 + 4 x0,5 +2. Also not wo impressive.

that is like blaiming troubs that they can only buff group wise

5. Usefullness in Groups? How much Healers to you need in Groups? In most Dungeons, One!

and? the buff allso inc the heal of the pally and sk's will maybe look mroe for mage dps then scout dps but not sure.

Five Arguments Against.

five 5 for it

Stop Spamming Healing Skills into Paladins. The Paladin community, all paying Customers don't ask for more Healing! We ask for tons of other things, that we don't get!

pali's can heal? i though they only got amends SMILEY joke SMILEY

Give Paladins AND Shadowknights +5% Melee Crit and 5% Spellcrit and let Paladin and Shadowknight stack. Sounds mighty? Yes Hell, should it help into getting into an raid, it has to offer something real nicely. That would also help arround half of the people. And NOT 5% Healing crit on the Paladins site. Healing is more a burden than a gain for Paladins as SOE implement it. We can't heal when we tank, so it's more an hindrance than something other. It's not an utility, 'cause Healers heal more than a Paladin. So nothing useful.

lol 5% I made my Sk spell and taunt based ( str and int line) the spell crit on him at is 67% i think 5% spell crit is a joke Better inc the dmg of the spells.

Hmm ok pali and sk are more mages based somehow now .. both should get a trouba in there group and the pali a liveburning necro even +90 isn't a lot maybe at first look it is at the second look. or why do you buy +40 adorments? only coz you can? i don't think so SMILEY


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