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Sekhmut wrote:

Started seeing this problem a couple weeks ago, then again in the last couple of days.  I launch EQ2 with no problems, my character loads, then within 10-15 seconds I'm booted with EQ2 going through Login server #1, etc.  Sometimes I get booted to Character Select, sometimes can't find a server.

I've not changed any of my configurations between now and when the game ran properly.  I have all ports open on my modem, and the modem firewall is off.

Any ideas or other folks seeing this issue?

The only time I'm having issues on login is when I try to get into Test (not TestCopy; I have native characters on Test) and go past the "PLAYING" button to the blank/dark screen, only to get the Microsoft Windows notice that "the EQ2 Application needs to close." I've tried deleting my Launchpad.lib directory after a player's advice (worked for that player) and restart Launchpad; didn't work. I hope it's something on my end I can fix, or it's just a matter of the techs flipping on the "Test Server switch," or whatever. I really hope Test is still available for those of us who aren't Beta-testing, or if that's not the case, if there's some way I can get into the Beta to get back to my characters (preferably before Nights of the Dead is over). :-/

In case it's an issue, we have DirectX 9.0c, with an FX5200 video card.


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