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Still no changes for us?(

Please make left line desireble to take not for only the last ability... All other's tank left line is better and get more profits to the tanks and to the entire raid than monk's one...

If you still don't wanna make wind's of salvation being cast on monk - let it absorb one magic atack for us. or give 15% absorb to group or smth like that. Let it become USEFULL in raid!!! Also let it being work under control effects!!! Really the only thing it makes now - to save someone in raid - even more - not save but grad under mob. Other's effects are almost totally useless as soon as most of AOE's are not prevented. And 50% damage absorb on a person isn't good until it can cover ALL AOE's not only the one of them in a minute.

But better way - JUST give us AOE prevent + control immunity for 9 sec's (with 3 point in it's upgrade) instead of that ability of teleporting someone to the mob and absorbing some damage to him...

If all stays as it is - most of all would go double stats conversion, or right line. And VERY VERY rare would take full left line for the last ability. It shouldn't be so. Lines should give a choice - not just the fact that one of them is good, and the other one is not.

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