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Ok, now it's at least something

Winds of Serenity - really the hate transfer was more uselfull. After applying 50% reduced damage to a target no need to heal it!!! Healer in group would heal it using 1 groupheal. So now this ability is useless.

Crushing Winds - ok critbonus increase. But for 5 sec's???? Really don't help a lot and don't cost 3 AAs - almost useless

 Winds of Retribution - this one now is good. Thanks for listening!!! 

Liquid Movement now also adds 1/2/4 ticks to Waveform. Fluid Combination has had its damaged reduced. It no longer inflicts bonus damage if the monk is not the current target. 

Don't really understand what was the point to upgrade one damage spell and nerf the 2nd one. Overall dps didn't change a lot... Except the fact about removing the bonus component of Fluid Combination

Serene Energy has had its ward doubled. 

 Thanks for this one too. Now ward will do some work. And it cost it's AA spending for sure.

But still - Why winds of salvation can't work on caster??? can't even use them when solo to get immunity!!!

Still my suggestions:

1)Make Winds of Salvation being cast on caster: If that let it don't grant us damage reduction component, only the Prevent AOE component - that would be enough to make ability usefull, and not too imbalanced! 

2) Make it being used under all control effects!!! - it don't change anything a lot - but would make the left line more desirable to take - as soon as with the combination with the granting immunity upgrage - it would be usefull sometimes.

So we would be able to use it to grant us immunity's that we need if we don't want to teleport some other player to us, also would survive AOE's if we are not tanking the mob, a bit heal to us or critbonus - if we take those upgrades of it.

This would have make at least choice for us what line to take. Crushing winds ability is good... But wasting a lot of AA only for that??? no way((( Don't think that many monks would do that. Almost none.

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