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From update notes 11/9/2012 "Monk Winds of Aggression is now Winds of Serenity. It now heals the target for 5% per rank per second that Winds of Salvation is active. Crushing Winds now grants both the caster and the target an increase to Crit Bonus. Winds of Retribution now applies an incremental buff to the monk that increases riposte chance and maximum health. Liquid Movement now also adds 1/2/4 ticks to Waveform. Fluid Combination has had its damaged reduced. It no longer inflicts bonus damage if the monk is not the current target. Serene Energy has had its ward doubled. Waveform's damage has been increased." Winds of Serenity - a 75% heal over 5 sec's, not a bad addition. If not going to make me want to take Winds of Salvation but it’s a decent addition. this with the Immunity's the ability is decent. Crushing Winds - 18% CB at 3 ranks for me and my target for 10 sec's. ok, but I think this is going to be bypassed for the HP and other options, I think 30 sec's would be more worth it. Winds of Retribution - at max 3% riposte chance and 10% maximum health, thank you, it’s a Defensive ability for us in the Defensive side… the only one on the new side… but I will take it if I am doing very hard content. Liquid Movement - adds more to the ability when not Reckless making this ability more worth taking when tanking. decent addition and with others makes the dps side a real option. Fluid Combination - reducing the end line…. I don’t think it needed to be reduced it was not parsing all that great outside of reckless and even then it was just doing decent… ok fine… Waveform - adding dps to this ability, is this to offset the reduction on the Fluid Combination?... whatever. this with the added dps from Liquid Movement the dps from this should be decent when tanking and better when reckless. Serene Energy - 10-11k ward every 10 sec's… ok 1k hps I think it worth 2 points and will probably have it all of the time.

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