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The left tree really does need... something.  The only way I think I will ever be using it in its current form is going down far enough for the aoe blocker, and then spend the extra points to fill in the top half of the right tree, and this would only be for specific fights where the blocker was necessary.  I would be essentially be throwing away most of the points to get there.  None of the extra stuff we get from the left tree is worth dropping points from the dps side of the tree because it really doesn't give us much (current live portion) or any (new stuff) actually survivability or increased ease of tanking.  And the reflect damage would be a dubious mechanic even if it did great damage, which it doesn't.

I guess I should say, this is from a monk that mostly does HM raids, HM heroics, and soloing.  Its possible that the defensive tree might perform a bit better in easy heroics, although I don't really see how, so someone else will have to comment.

Double Edit:  Changes go live 15 minutes after I hit submit...

Change to Winds of Retribution look good, buff is relatively small but worth taking for tanking serious content.  The heal and crit bonus additions to Salvation are a bit on the underwhelming side, but mostly because the actual buff only lasts 5 seconds.  If the crit bonus buff either lasts a bit longer (10-15 secs?) or gives a bit more bonus, maybe 25-30 for three points, but it is still better than what it replaced.

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