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Can monks get something really useful instead of all new abilities in left tree? I can't really imagine how they can help me in raid. I bet no one monk would rake the left tree if all stay like now.

If you give us antiAOE - then give it to monk also. Not to any other target except monk. Reposte damage seemes awful in the defence treee. We already got damage in the right one - give us plz something to survive/to buff or whatever that would be USEFUL in raids in the left tree as option. Not just antiAOE on groupfriend... Comparing to other tank classees monks now have the worst left tree ever/

My offers are:

1) let antiAOE and damage reduction works on monk also

2) let it be castable under control effects - so it's upgrade would grant us control immunity, and we could survive sometime. Monk is so bad with controls for now...

3) Replace the final ability that damage mob when we reposte with something that buff us when we reposte - A bit HP% increase for some time after reposte - for would be cool

You have already nerfed monk's survivability. Why now you don't give us option to choose from in prestige AA?...

Lintur 92 Monk.

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