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know i have 23 PP, i did more testing. Waveform looks fine and is parsing nice from behind and in Reckless as shown above. Nice not tanking option and has possibilities for when tanking for some added dps. Fluid Combination - from the description it should be hitting 5 times per attack but its hitting for me on average 2-3 times per attack. Ether the test needs to be updated to match what it is doing or the attack needs to be fixed, since the attack has a 100% hit in the test. Middle 2 - look fine and are parsing ok. Left side - still leaves a lot to be desired. Winds of Salvation is more useable, but I still am having a hard time thinking of a time I would use it. Maybe in I am the OT and the MT needs help, or if I need a healer to stay in on a Red Text with me that is over every 45 secs. I don’t know. Or when a named memwipes I hit the named's target with it to give that person more ability to tank the mob, instead of snapping the named. I can see the added range over most of our snaps is helpful. its just a very surecom stanshall ability. Winds of Retribution - I would really like to see something defensive in this location. the ability as it is encourages us to be as non defensive as we can. Maybe if it was based on the % of damage prevented by the Ripostes (or any damage prevented) that I could like it. that feels more like a defensive ability.
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