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Did a couple test parses with the new prestige AA's.  Here's defensive stance in front of a training dummy, 10 minutes, no temp buffs, using the right tree (waveform/fluid combination):

Same thing, but with reckless stance and behind the dummy:

I also did some testing with Winds of Retribution.  It looks like it takes mitigated incoming damage received without adding crits/potency/anything else.  Any damage that is warded or stoneskinned is not reflected.  Pulling a couple groups of trash in Sev x4, being solo healed by a fury (so no wards to prevent damage), I was able to get it up to 2k dps outgoing, with 100% uptime on 10 stacks of the buff.  The largest hit was 11k damage on a 55k autoattack.  Considering that this ability doesn't actually do anything for us in terms of reducing damage taken, and actually using our wards/stoneskins to keep ourselves alive through larger attacks that might reflect a decent amount of damage will actually make it not work, it seems pretty lackluster.

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