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Left side.  First things first, Tranquil breeze is bugged, and is applying all of the CC instead of immunizing to it, even says as such in the tooltip for Winds of Salvation, bug report sent about it but hopefully they'll read it here.

I could see using it on specific fights.  Fights where the named does a death touch combined with deagro and you happen to be the adds tank.  If there wasn't a minimum range then I could see it being used more often to help a scout avoid jousting or something similar.  But with a minimum range, there are very few times I can think of off the top of my head when i've said to myself "you know what, i wish the person standing over there were instead standing on top of me".  I'm a tank.  I'm infront of the mob, other people getting infront of the mob usually means an AE auto attack landing on them and killing them instantly, if AE avoids worked for AE auto attack this wouldn't be a problem but it doesn't.  With all the issues the main ability has, the other 9 points you could potentially spend on it don't really need dealing with now, but as it is other than the CC one (when it's fixed) I don't really like the look of them.  Reflect damage seems to be worthless and I very rarely need another transfer unless i'm stunned, which i wont be once this works.

As for the final one, I assume it refreshing to full duration on every riposte even when maxxed is supposed to happen, since I saw on another prestige that it specifically called out not reseting duration, so on a long fight this'll be initiated with tsunami pretty quickly then maintained with ease. However the reflect only works on damage dealt to you, so anything warded or stoneskinned or avoided will be ignored by this, it also doesn't reduce the damage you take which might of been nice.  So it's a dps ability, at the end of the defensive endline, and it's a poor one at that.

Middle, Tranquil Constitution has a misleading description, once i'd spent point in it and examined the effect it had on my health, it was fairly obvious, and it changes the tooltip for stamina with 3 points so that makes it even easier.  But Increases the Stamina Bonus of Caster by 34.0 isn't the most intuitive of descriptions, and even when you know what it's doing it doesn't make sense.  0.34 would be easier to understand.

As for Serene energy, in it's current incarnation it's not much good, I'd like to know what makes it's ward amount scale, I don't think it's potency, I suspect it's max health, but at 70.4k max health, a 3k ward that may proc every 15 seconds is going to do very little healing.  In 3 minutes worth of fighting a solo zone, i cast outward calm once and it did nearly double what serene energy did the entire time.  But hey, it still out healed my vallon BP ward *mutter*.

Right side.  Need more testing, not sure if the endline does different damage based on number of increments, I think it should from the description, but looking at a heroic zone parse not 100% sure. need to find a GH with dummies.  I'm not sure attack speed debuffs have ever worked properly on mobs, not something i've tested, but 37.5% seems like a nice amount of attack speed debuff if it works.  But like i said, don't know the mechanics of attack speed debuffs on mobs.  Waveform itself seems to be pretty pathetic on the dps output, I would probably avoid Ocean's Onslaught becaues not only do you have to be not tanking, but doulbe of very very little, is still very little.

Edit- Okay understand the ability more now, for each stack on the mob, it'll do 1 of those 4 hits listed on the CA.  So it's a weaker version of five rings with more restrictions.  Overall i'm not impressed with monk prestiges after looking at a few parses.  Another CA is alright just... not impressive.

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