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Updating these ability since I have 16 Prestige Points. Note all numbers are as of 93 with all DoV or better raid gear in D-Stance.

Right Side - DPS - CB

• Waveform with 3 points have a 30% chance to proc and a 12 sec duration. It deals 1836 - 2713 instantly and 219 - 365 every 4, with 30 attack skill debuff. I think the DoT #'s need to be brought up a lot, but DD part is fine. Note: for an ability that should go off 30% of any attach it sure is not procing that much. On a 5 minit Fight with 3 points in Ocean's Onslaught on a traning dume it did 4.7k, not bad. • 3 points in Liquid Movement - Changes the duration of Waveform to 18 sec's and reduses the tick time of the DoT to 3 sec's. • 3 points in Ocean's Onslaught - Reduces the normal Hit of Waveform to be 1326-2210 and 221-368 every 4. Adds 521 all of the time DD, 1326-2210 DD if Flanking or Behind, and 221-368 every 4. So the added Green DD makes up for the reduction DD. Over all almost double damage when Flanking or Behind on an ability that was parsing 1500 in reckless is not impressive. • 3 Points in Stifling Assault - Adds 7.5% Attack Speed Debuff. Still not Impressed, if you want it to be a Attack Speed Debuff make it like 50% or more. It may have a large effect if mobs don’t have huge amounts of attack speed, but I think it is worth anything at the moment.

Middle - HP

• Tranquil Constitution - 3 points game me 3k HP Solo from 62k. Not bad. Left Side - Tanking - Pot • Winds of Salvation - I like the Idea and I want to like the ability, but as I test it I think it needs work. with 3 Points and max reuse it has a 45 sec recast, nice. As stated by others the 10 Meter min is a killer. for starters I would say get rid of the Teleport other. these 2 things alone may fix the ability and give us a nice defensive utility option. • Tranquil Breeze - with 3 points Adds to Winds of Salvation: 123 lvls of Dispels and immunity for 9 sec's on Stifles, Roots, Stunes, Makes target Afraid, Daze, and Mesmerizes, and dispels with you take damage. I think the dispels needs to go away if we don’t get the AoE immunity and 50% DR. Also it appears this ability also Stuns the Monk when Winds of Salvation is active. it is a fill Stun, cant move, auto attack, or use Ca's, cant even use abilities that I can use when Stunned/Stifled, nice. O also it looks like I was feared, so it make be giving me all of the things its making me immune to... • Winds of Aggression - 3 points gives 30% hate Transfers from target for 15 sec's. I am impressed with this part and think something else would be better. Like giving the Monk some Defensive bused. • Crushing Winds - 3 points gives 45% of the damaged Reduced will be reflected. if this includes any damage that the target would take my the AoE immune that its nice, other than that it will only work if we use it on the MT and we screw up his positioning.

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