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A couple other options to tweak Winds of Salvation to make it a little more viable outside of extremely contrived circumstances:

1.  Change the base ability to only give the AoE Block and damage reduction buff, with no pull.  Change one of the modifying abilities to allow WoS to pull the target to the caster from up to 15/25/35 meters away.  You could add whatever effect this replaces (hate siphon?) to the base ability if you want to retain total theoretical usefulness.

2.  Have Winds of Salvation give you two useable abilities with a shared cooldown, similar to the replacements a lot of classes got to certain spells from the original prestige line (e.g. Umbral Ward/Umbral Barrier or Grave Sacrament/Chaos Cloud).  Both abilities would have the same effects and be modified in the same way by the current upgrades, but one would include the 10+ meter pull to caster effect, and the other would not.  

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