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To be honest, non of the new prestige abilities look all that great from a main tanking (defensive) perspective.


  • Waveform - DPS proc that could potentially add a large chunk of DPS, will probably be worth picking up.
  • Ocean's Onslaught - Useless when tanking, probably pretty great for DPSing.
  • Stifling Assault - May be somewhat useful when tanking if the attack speed reduction is significant, although I doubt it will be.
  • Liquid Movement - Could potentially add a lot of DPS depending on how Waveform stacks / refreshes itself.
  • Fluid Combination - A high damage attack that could potentially add a lot of DPS, especially when not tanking.
  • Tranquil Constitution - I'm not exactly sure what increasing my stamina bonus will do, but it seems like this will give me more HP which is always good while tanking.
  • Serene Energy - I seem to remember suggesting something almost exactly like this in the past, and I really like the basic idea behind the ability. The problem is that by only allowing it to proc once every 10 seconds you are effectively capping it's healing potential at ~300 HPS which isn't a whole lot. Please consider allowing this ward to stack with itself and decrease the proc cap to once per 3 seconds. Even with this much lower cap this skill will cap out at ~1000hps worth of warding, which isn't exactly huge.


  • Winds of Salvation - I can't really see much of a use for this skill. The 10 minimum range basically means that you can't use this skill on another tank. Either he is too close to you, or you summon this tank and screw up raid positioning. It might be usefull for helping a DPS survive a joust, but even than it's not much help because they will have to run back out range right after you use it, not to mention the high reuse meaning it can only be used every few jousts / AoE's and only on one person. At best it seems like it could used as a "pseudo-snap" to bring someone with agro to you so that you can get agro back. Even this isn't as useful as another DPS could pull agro while the mob is running and we already have a decent set of tools for getting agro back from range (Peel, Mantis Leap, Provoking Stance + taunts). I can't honestly say that this skill will get much use at all from a tank. This skill really need to be replaced.
  • Tranquil Breeze - Control immunity is something that Monks need, but with such a low duration and a high reuse this will hardly be useful at all.
  • Winds of Aggression - This skill supports the idea of using this ability to protect DPS on a joust or to use this skill as a pseudo-snap. The overall design of this skill line prevents this from being of much use.
  • Crushing Winds - Considering this will only reflect direct damage and that Winds of Salvation can only really be used on DPS, this skill is ultimately useless as having a raid name attack a DPS class is usually going to result in the quick death of that DPS class. It won't even reflect that much damage considering it will only reflect 22.5% of any incoming damage.
  • Winds of Retribution - It sounds nice at first look, but it won't reflect very much damage at all. Looking back at my last few raids as MT (ST, Drunder HM havn't done much in PoW), my average incoming damage was 6000-8000 DPS. If we are generous and say that new expansion raid mobs will be capable of dealing 10000 DPS to me and assuming that I have a constant 10 stacks than this ability at most will deal back a whopping 2000 DPS. Even if I could get 400CB (shouldn't be too hard in raid) and this skill can crit than this skill will max out at 10,000 DPS. It is doubtfull a Monk will have very many stacks of this up unless he is running Tsunami considering ripostes are a relatively low percent of a brawlers overall avoidance.
Overall, the DPS side of the tree is really good, if you're DPSing and not tanking. The tanking side however, seems like a complete disaster.
Monks really don't need another agro management skill, we have a ton of those already. We need something that is going to either directly increase are ability to take damage, or something that is going to provide us with an increase in utility that is actually desireable. Some sort of unique group would really be awesome, something like this:
  • Winds of Salvation (Starter) -  Outward Calm, Will of the Heavens, Mountain Stance, and Lightning Palm will have their effects applied to each member of the group (30m range) when activated by the Monk. 25%/50%/75% of the Monks casting strength (ie at rank 3 a 100% Mend would be 75% on each group member, and 50k Outward Calm would 37.5K on each group member, etc)
  • Breath of the Heavens - Activating Will of The Heavens will apply Breath of the Heavens to self (each group member gets Breath of the Heavens when Will of the Heavens is activated). Breath of the Heavens adds control immunity for 3/4/5 seconds after being activated. The final rank allows Will of the Heavens to break control effects.
  • Chinook - Activating Mend or Outward Calm applies Chinook to self (each group member gets Chinook when the Monk activtates Mend or Outward Calm). Chinook causes all healing spells cast on target to heal all firendly targets (10m AE) for 1% of their max health. Lasts 3/4/5 seconds.
  • Hurricane Force Winds - Records all damage you deal while Lightning Palm is active (like Rhythmic Overture / Victorious Concerto). Applies Hurricane Force Winds when Lightning Palm expires: Deals 15%/30%/45% of recorded damage to enemy as magic damage. (Lightning Palm only lasts until it is out of triggers, which is usually only a few seconds. This ability could record some huge hits in the right scenario, especially AoE.)
  • Winds of Retribution (Endline) - Grants 100% additional riposte chance (parry's become ripostes). Casts Winds of Retribution on a successful riposte: Reflects 1% of all incoming damage to all targets in range (10m AE) and instantly restores 0.5% of all incoming damage to the monk. Lasts 30s and can stack up to 10 times.
This new tree is designed to give the monk more group utility that is based largely around his role as a tank. In addition to the direct effects of Mend and Outward calm being applied to our group members we will also indirectly heal the raid. Our Self cure will become group wide and provide control immunity for a short duration. One of our most mediocre damage abilities will become a decent group wide damage skill with the potential for large bursts of damage. Winds of retribution, with a slight tweek, becames a highly desireable defensive ability while still maintaining a worthwhile damage component, especially in group encounters. The numbers I suggested to start with may not be perfect (will require testing), but the ideas I suggested are far better and much more unique than the ones currently implemented.

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