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I'm still trying to figure out the point of Winds of Salvation.  The short timer on the defensive buff and the minimum distance points to whoever designed the ability wanting it to be used for the pull, but the only scenario I've been able to come up with where it would be useful is on a fight where the mob memwipes and does something where the tank is unable to use a snap, you use this ability to pull whoever the mob wiped to and give them an extra 5 seconds to live while not frontaling the raid.  However, since there is only one fight like this that I know of (Lichlord), it seems a bit of a waste.

You could use it as a way to let one of your scouts stay in for jousts, but the minimum distance and the fact that you are pulling someone out of position in front of the mob doesn't really fit with that.  You could use it for the control effect immunity on one of your healers, but the same problem arises.  If you are OT'ing, you could pull the MT out on a red text, but that means you have to be out already, and he could have just run out anyway.  

All in all, with the general lack of anything interesting in the first tier of the defensive tree and the amazingness that is Dragonfire, there just doesn't seem to be much incentive for a defensive tank to take the defensive prestige options, which seems odd.  I guess the defensive endline could turn out to be an amazing amount of dps, but then you just get more dps and a mostly useless ability, not more defense.

If nothing else, I think the ability needs to be changed to:

Teleports target to caster

-if target is greater than 10m away

and apply all of the other buffs regardless of range.

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