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Initial impression

Right Side - DPS - CB

  • Waveform - Yay more dps!
  • Liquid Movement - Not sure if the duration increase does anything for this, it lasts 12 seconds without it and a 10% proc rate waveform will pretty much be up at all times.  The tick increase is nice.
  • Ocean's Onslaught - Looks good.
  • Stifling Assault - Seems like maybe this was intended for PVP however the attack speed debuff is so low I don't even know how effective it will be, this ability needs to be looked at and most likely will be passed up by all monks.
  • Fluid Combination - Final DPS ability -Pretty awesome.

Middle abilities. 

  • Tranquil Constitution - cool stuff
  • Serene Energy - the only triggers every 10 seconds is really not needed on this ability, I mean if it was on all the time possible that means max it could do is 300 or so heal per second which is really useless when you consider we probably will be hitting the 100k HP mark this expansion.

Left Side - Tanking - Pot

  • Winds of Salvation - When I heard about this ability I didn't think I would like it, but in actuality it is pretty amazing.  My only beef with it is the minimum range restriction.  Please consider allowing us to use it on someone who is right beside us.  It will just be too much hassle to have to make sure our target is in the right range so we can use it.
  • Tranquil Breeze - Pretty cool, monks need a way to do control effects.  I do have an issue with the cure element of this ability.  If we are going to be using this ability to bring people in for things like AE's we would probably be using it before the AE goes off, which means the detrimental will land on us after we use the ability.  What would work much better is if while Winds is active that the cures spam off detrimentals every second as ticks rather than it just coming off when we first use the ability.
  • Winds of Aggression - with the hate transfer cap I don't see this being effective in any way.  If we don't have an assassin or swashy transfer on us chances are we are just temporarily tanking which in that case we wouldn't need that hate tranfer after Winds expires.
  • Crushing Winds - Reflect damage on an ability that gives AE immune and damage reduction means very little damage on this one, not sure how useful it will be.
  • Winds of Retribution - Final Ability - Sounds like some crazy DPS from this one while tanking.

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