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Winds of Salvation

Don't do a teleport SMILEY  Talk about a herding sheep ability.

I will torture rangers every chance i can.  oh you just got in position due to weird hit boxes?  teleport!  Now run back and like it !  Oh and give me 30% of your hate that i just messed up cause i teleported you out of position.

HAHAHA OMG!  I'm going to use this on the mt, stand behind the mob, teleport him to me and have the whole raid eat frontal !!! YES!!!!  

Whistling in the backgroud while the raid trys to figure out the mobs tank port script muhahuahahaua

This should be group friend 0-50meters.  or group non fighter period or group priest or something.  I wouldnt be opposed to self but guards would cry and i dont want nerfed more :/

I don't see a use for this. in its current state.  Maybe if the guardian is in a wheelchair.. and he can't joust..  I can joust him for him.

Dps side is a no brainer as it stands now.  The tank side has a good concept.. but it needs a tweak.

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