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This is a first impressions since leveling is going to take a long time.  I will be updating this after I have had time to test everything. 

Right Side - DPS - CB

  • Waveform - An on attack proc, with a DD, and DoT and a attack skill debuff. looks promising and may be decent dps when just dpsing in Reckless.
  • Liquid Movement - Busts Waveform, looks promising.
  • Ocean's Onslaught - Adds damage to Waveform when we are behind or Flanking. Not sure how much but again looks Promising.
  • Stifling Assault - adds an Attack Speed Debuff to Waveform. very underwhelming. unless it is going to make a actual difference in mob dps then this will probably be skipped by all monks.
  • Fluid Combination - Final DPS ability - an attack like 5 rings that looks to do good damage on a 6 sec's and can only be used when Waveform is proced and the monk must be behind or Flanking. may be a very nice attack and add some good dps when not tanking.

Middle abilities. 

  • Tranquil Constitution - STA bussed, ok I will take it.
  • Serene Energy - 5k ward on a Block with a 1s every 10 sec's. it may weld some, but I think it is going to heal more than about 50 hps and not help when needed.

Left Side - Tanking - Pot

  • Winds of Salvation - first I thought it was like Drag but with also with a 5 sec AoE Prevent and 50% Damage Reduction.... OMG .... but its not that. it teleports a player to me and gives them the 5 sec AoE Prevent and 50% Damage Reduction. on a 3 minute base recast. I can only think of 2 ways I could use this. 1, on a tank that needs to stay in to give them a save... but then why am I dragging them to me? or a non tank that is rooted or whatever and needs to get out of a Red Test and I won't have the time to target and drag, it's a 5 sec duration. O did I mention it has a rang or 10-35 meters, so if you are next to me and need to help I cant save you. If we could also use this ability on a mob and drag it and we get the other effects the it would be nice, but as is I would not take it.
  • Tranquil Breeze - Adds a control effects Immunity to Winds of Salvation. Nice, its not all effects at first, may get better with all ranks, but ... this doesn't make the original ability worth it.
  • Winds of Aggression - at rank 1 is a 10% hate Transfer from the target of Winds of Salvation. so 30% at 3 ranks, not bad.
  • Crushing Winds - 15% damage Reflect of the reduced damage. so with 3 ranks should be 45% of the 50%, not bad I guess.
  • Winds of Retribution - Final Ability - On Repost will cast, not bad beginning, will Reflect 2% of damage taken back to the mob in crushing damage. If you go this far then I would expect a ... tanking option here not damage. I think something defensive needs to replace this.

Over all, I like the DPS line and I think as is 99% of monks will take it.  I think the tanking side will need some major revamping if you expect any monks to take it. 

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