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It's true that a lot of the T9 experts aren't really better than T8 masters when you look at the numbers. But there is still reasons to use T9 experts.

Focus adornments (red slot) that boost your spells, will only affect the T9 version.

The temporary pets such as Ancestral Sentry and Lunar Attendant will be level 90. If you use the T8 version, they'll only be level 80 and take a lot more damage.

And to really compare the T9 expert with the T8 master, you must have done the new "mythical" quest. Because your T8 mythicals heal buff does not affect T9 spells. But the buff you get from the new myth quest does.

But with all that being said, there's little difference. I think if you get your wisdom above 1300, the T9 experts will become more potent. Not really sure tho. But it seems that high wisdom affects T9 more than T8.

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