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Levzter wrote:

Try running EQ from the Station Launcher. With the Launcher having admin permissions

 I had the same problem, where the Play button wouldnt pop up when it finished updating, it just poped the update button again and again. 

Since i started running EQ2 from the launcher i havent had any problem. Iam using Vista X64.

Also dont run the game on max graphics, even if you have the machine to run that... Mine crashes with memory getting short, even with the 2 GB ram i have on my system. I tunned it down a lil and now works like charm, no crashes and the startup of the game is fast

For one thing, I'm running XP from the administrator account. Permissions have nothing to do with this problem.For another thing, I have no interest in the Station Launcher. There's no reason why the original launchers for their games shouldn't work. Rather than jump through hoops to come up with workarounds, I'll instead look to SOE to fix their problem. If they decide that it's not worth their time, I can easily take my money elsewhere and once again let my account fall into hibernation for years.Thanks for trying to offer suggestions, though. It's appreciated.
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