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I'm having this problem as well. I've recently decided to come back to the game, and decided to pick up the RoK box so as to have access to all of the content I've missed out on while away. The game installs just fine, but as the last poster mentioned, I begin to experience problems once the launcher attempts to update. It will scan all of the files and begin to download updated content, but it will always hang when it begins to decompress a file.Again, just as the last poster mentioned, the launcher locks up at this time. You can click cancel, but it doesn't actually cancel. You can leave it sitting, but after having let it run while doing errands for a few hours today, I can see that this will do no good. You can right-click and close the launcher this way, as it does not respond to clicks upon the x in the window itself, but the process itself remains in memory. Even using the task manager and attempting to manually terminate the launchpad, it lingers on and refuses to close. Rebooting the system takes several minutes, as I assume Windows is trying all manner of tricks to dump this nasty piece of work from memory before it can shut down.I've attempted to remove all traces of the program and reinstall three times now. I've checked the HDD and RAM both for errors, I've tried defrags, and in short, I've tried all of the 'solutions' that you guys mention in your FAQs, all to no avail. I even went so far as to pretend it might be a router problem, but that's not at all the case. I get the same issue whether I'm using a router, using a router with this machine set DMZ, or using this machine connected straight to the cable modem. Same issue, every time. I've also tried to run tracerts after reading about the AOL folk having trouble with their updates, but I have no problems with that, as all traces complete without error, even when attempting to reach the problem servers mentioned in that thread.Seriously, this is kind of ridiculous. I remember dreading every expansion release back in the old EQ1 days, as you guys would break all sorts of things whenever the new content hit, and it seems that this proud tradition continues to this day. Judging by the other complaints I see here, these issues only began after RoK was released, so I ask you, SOE... what's going on here? It's not like we're asking for miracles or favors here. All we want is to be able to connect and play the game we've paid for. Heck, I couldn't even experience this wonderful error until after I paid for a subscription that allowed me to get as far as the patcher, and now that money is right down the tube.Please, either give me a solution or point me in the right direction for getting my money back. Thanks.
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