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I've seen this issue before, in fact I have it every single time EQ2 patches (which is like twice a week).It will always hang on a "decompressing file" portion of it.Then as an added bonus, once it hangs on this you can't easily close the window, you have to minimize the launcher, then X it out.  Even after you X it out, launcher.exe stays active and locked in processes.  If you try to end process from task manager it Fails, it WILL NOT terminate.To top it off, when you try to restart/reboot, your system will hang for like 8 minutes while windows tries to terminate the process that can't be stopped.  So you either have to wait for ever, or just manually hit the Reset button.  I have tried patching when every process I can think of is disabled first (I've had task manager down to like 15 process in XP pro) and I still run into the issue.All I know for certain is its not a router issue.  It work just find before RoK.  I Had been playing Echoes of Faydwar for a few months prior to RoK and had no issues patching at all.

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