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dicemonger wrote:

Flight and room was about $540 out of Grand Rapids, MI from Wednesday to Sunday.  Food and drink was probably about $300 (could have been more, I kept getting those damned 48oz Margaritas) cab fare/transfer from airport was around 30 bucks, Fan Faire cost was $89.  Depending how long you stay and gamble and/or drink I think I spent about $1000.  If you dont drink or gamble it will be far cheaper. 


Mith Marr

I think I spent about $350 on accomodation and about $100-$200 on food.  I don't drink so I didn't have to worry about that   I actually found that room service was pretty much the same cost (and sometimes cheaper) then going out to restaurant or w/e.  I won't bother giving you my air faire cost since I travelled from NZ .  I opted to use a shuttle from the airport which is around $6 each way.  Not as direct as a Taxi as depending on their schedule they might stop at a number of Hotels before yours but being new to Vegas I enjoyed the driving tour SMILEY

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