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There was maybe a day or two where the myth bows lack of minimum range also effected range CA's. They then proceeded to go out of their way to add minimum ranges to all our ranged CA's. It was odd because there wasn't any outrage over rangers nto havign a minimum range. The game didn't suffer some huge apocalyptic flaw now that rangers could use their bow and ranged CA's at point blank.

I would accept most if not all of the 'ranged penalties' like ammo and minimum range if rangers could actually be pure ranged. As it is a top performing ranger is having to manage what is essentially a melee auto attack.

If they insist on us being this current hybrid of melee/range they need to ditch ammo and minimum range. Or they can keep those in and make it perfectly viable for us to do/maintain current top DPS at range. One or the other as the current situation is just silly.

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