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ok haveing trouble with the auto attack macro it seems to leave me in auto attack after finishing the fight and I end up pulling hte mob instead of letting the tank do it unless i remember to hit the escape key on my keyboard. any way to set the macro up so it will stop when the fight does?

I had the same problem been abit slow to turn off the auto attack so I made another macro button using the command:

/auto 0

Sometimes when clicking the auto attack button i had issues with it not turning off correctly but this works a treat.

Hope it helps

Honestly, the best way to deal with the problem cause by using those macro's is to just use an /assist hotkey rather then targeting through someone.  Using an assist key also prevents you from having to deal with the MA tab targeting something that you have even't started to engage midfight (granted, this happens more often in groups then in raids).

This way when the mob dies, even if your auto attack is still showing as being toggled on, you won't attack anything until you use your /assist hotkey to target the next mob your MA has targeted.

Hmm /assist %T or T% I'll have to look at my snowball macro I htink I have the syntax there. I could change my target macro to target then /assist right?

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