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Well, casting order is important for sure... Bloody Reminder will ALWAYS be first.. unless something changes with Velious AA's. But I've tried several different variations of my casting order and in a raid situation it certainly is NOT the #1 factor to good dps for a couple reasons, (And would not be the first thing I would focus on)

           1. We don't have many debuffs we need to get in first like Brigands

           2. We don't rely an pre-abilities for 90% of our abilities, like Assassins (we dont even have to be behind the mob for most of them .. but it does help)

           3. Your Auto-Attack is your best friend, and many times using a CA at the wrong time can actually hurt your dps.

The thing that really accelerated my dps to the top of the charts, was following 4 simple rules.

           1. Nothing is too expensive for your DPS (Get all Masters, Specialized Poisons/Potions, Spirit Blessed Arrows, Temp Adornments, Quel'el Potions... USE IT ALL.. during raids that is)

            2. Know your buffs! (Unfortunately we are buff [Removed for Content]... will probably always be buff [Removed for Content].... so know what you're getting and what you're not getting in the way of buffs.... Having or not having "Arms of Imagination", or "Battle Cry" or "Upbeat Tempo" can sway your dps 10k+ in some cases... If the dirge has BC on himself smack him upside the head and take it lol, you're Teir1 dps for crying outload... if the Mystic is in with the mages, cry-a-foul, and get him in with the scouts for Stampede... "KNOW EVERY SINGLE BUFF IN THE GAME THAT CAN IMPROVE YOUR DPS" ... guild leaders will listen if they want to get the most out of you)

             3. R.A.I.K.! (Ranged Auto-Attack .... IS ... King!  ... Never .. ever interfere with your autoattack firing, and never leave melee on, Autoattack is your King, you must obey it! lol ... make it strong and its kingdom will flourish  ... Focus on things like DPS-mode upgrades, and things that improve Quick-Shot, and better arrows, and better bows etc etc)

             4. A.B.F.! (Always be firing ...... as soon as a fight starts ... run into your 5 meter spot (10 if you have the MMP charm)... and just go to town... mind your Autoattack bar still.. but just unleash hell, as long as you're watching your autoattack bar, there should almost never be a time when your ability bar isn't spamming abilities.. you have MANY MANY CA's... and there are many buffs that trigger off those (Stampede for example).. and the quicker you spam the more you'll do)

Learn it... Live it.. Love it   .... the term "DPS" .......... is really just short for Ranger

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