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Xaiveir wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

hmm so looks like until I get some more raid gear with ranged weapon skill I should go with the spec Xaiveir posted with the eye on going with Neilochs's or should I at least keep that surrounding attack I have right now I sacrificed intoxication becuase I wanted to max out surrounding attacks I use that when the tank says it is ok too. but i did get pretty high in toxic expertise.

thank you all for the advise I now know where to start.

will keep an eye on this thread for anymore hints.

Grab an aa mirror off the broker, and then make a spec for your surrounding attacks and have a "raid spec" that way you could have best of both worlds =P

Hope we helped you out a bit.  If you ever need anything else Give me a holler anytime.

well AA mirrors are commission but yes I have one and will go ahead and do that.

You both have you gave reasons for why you did what you did which is always good to know.

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