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hehe np. Have to agree, until you get more ranged weapon skill the offensive stance AA will be good, because thats a big part of actually landing hits. But it does eventually become a waste with the better equipment you start getting.

Probably happened with the poison AA as well. Good for low end equipment but eventually your auto attack gets better where having more auto AE any time there is stuff to AE yields better DPS overall.

hmm so looks like until I get some more raid gear with ranged weapon skill I should go with the spec Xaiveir posted with the eye on going with Neilochs's or should I at least keep that surrounding attack I have right now I sacrificed intoxication becuase I wanted to max out surrounding attacks I use that when the tank says it is ok too. but i did get pretty high in toxic expertise.

way back when i started I had at the suggestion of Ranja and others who were here I started with Marr so I could get the cloak and hten planned to go with bristlebane for the diety pet as well as some of the miricals and blessings well since I've since out grown the cloak(before I got the chance to get it, had to take a forced eight month break from game, sigh. ) better get working on bristlebane now should be able to get the pet very quickly.

thank you all for the advise I now know where to start.

will keep an eye on this thread for anymore hints.

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