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[email protected] wrote:

Here's the AA spec I run with 24/7[email protected]@2555511

First I'll explain the seemingly odd parts.

I put points into deity pet in TSO because I have bristlebane. This gives a pet that buffs agility, with those points it is now a pet that gives me 54 agility. Agility = increases all of your DPS.

I don't have any points in offensive prowess because I easily reach the amount of weapon skill where any more would be useless on raids. Increasing it any more would be a waste. Self buffed i'm 647 once you start reaching high 700's you don't get any more benefit from it.

Hunter's Accuracy in TSO. Again, more AGI = more DPS. Plus I really didn't have a better spot to put those 5 points.

I haven't switched from my AE spec to poison in a long time. Most of the fights I deal with now have lots of adds/trash with them and even if I am doing a single target fight I can still easily keep up. But if I don't have my AE spec on a AE fight I get trounced. I really like having AE on lots of the higher end raid fights. I didn't notice much a drop in my DPS from abandoning poison line outright either.

Odd as it seems there are some melee attacks that will be some of your highest parsing CA's that you will want to use often. Especially "Bloody Reminder", "Sneak Attack" "Rangers Blade" and "Emberstrike"

Hmm looks like I'd better get busy and re do my diety way back when I started it was suggested I get marr for the cloak then switch to bristlebane well I think there are better cloaks out there now so might as well just go ahead and switch to bristlbane now. I will probalby be able to get the pet in time for when my guild starts raiding again.

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