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When AE auto came out on ranged weapons, i switched to it and tried it out.  Its fun, i have Plvled quite a few characters with it.  But honestly, thats about its only usefulness imho. Running zones in SF sure, lots of group mobs to pull, but for raids single target DPS is whats its all about for us (except for very few occasions, or wanting insane numbers on some Hole trash pulls).  Grab an AA mirror and save a raid spec, and a AOE spec, for grouping/solo.  For the AOE spec i just dropped the INT line for it.

Once i changed to the AOE spec i did see a pretty sizeable drop from my Zonewide, and Single target parses on raids.  So i scrapped it pretty quickly.

In raid situations there just is not that many situations where it is going to be useful.  Raids you really want your single target DPS to be as high as possible, because there just isnt enough group pulls of mobs to justify it. About all we bring to raids is DPS, and even our DPS is sub par to what it should be the higher up you go.  So any decrease in that is not good.

Which brings me to opening Volley.  Ive never really had an issue with over aggroing on GUILD raids. If you have pretty good tanks, an assasin in the MT group for hate transfer it shouldnt be an issue, your tank should be able to keep his hate at the cap. But opening Volley does up your DPS a good chunk, so you certainly want to have it.  There is acouple of things that you can move around in your cast order to limit your aggro at the begining (moving Evasive manuevers up in your cast list etc) if its a problem.  You wont really know till you do get going on raids.  But it is a MUST have for Rangers.

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