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Hi Alenna.  You should switch to an assasin (j/k, had to put that in hehe)

First of all an AA spec.  A lot of Non PvP rangers use this as their spec (or slight variation of)[email protected]@[email protected]

As far as CA rotation goes that is very subjective to your own gear, and master levels on CAs.  If you have not downloaded ACT (advanced combat tracker) that is the first thing you need to do.  As this, for me personally, was the single best thing that helped me up my DPS.  If you have questions on it, would be glad to help.

Second, auto attack timing bar.  If you dont have it, get it.  It is imperitive to not delay your autto attack going off.  For Rangers their auto attack damage makes up between 20-30% of our overall DPS. Which is why the auto attack bar is so important.

Using bloody reminder is a big key.  By far my highest parsing CA is bloody reminder.  Get that on the mob, and keep it there.  On your melee CAs, make them a macro where the last step is /auto 2.  This makes it so when you hit a melee CA, it does NOT have you melee afterward.  It keeps you firing your ranged weapon.  Find the sweet spot on the mob which for Rangers is roughly 5 meters from the mob.  The area where you are still firing your bow, but you can hit all your CAs, melee included.

Back to your CA rotation again its pretty dependant on each ranger.  I can give you a list of mine, but that doesnt mean its going to be best for you (aside from bloody reminder).  This is kind of obsesive, but what i did was turned on ACT.  Got an epic training dummy out of the Ghall, and used only 1 ca (for example storm of arrows), recasting evertime it was up.  Did this for about 10 min per CA and noted my DPS with it.  Then moved to the next CA, rinse and repeat.  This gives an order tailored for you.  As you upgrade from adepts to experts and masters this may switch around a bit.  I am constantly going back to ACT and tweaking things.

Hope this helps

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