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Katttara wrote:

Ok, whew!    Fairly new here, compared to most already here anyway...and was wondering.

And was not sure if you had seen/if post had made it.

And yah its lonely on Test, but thankfully busy on Freeport. I might make an alt or two for the other servers at some point because I truly want to see everyones incredible homes in person at some point. You all make my head spin with ideas. heh

The other thing that was hard about test, aside from so few there, was things would just not sell (for same reason.)

Now that I am spoiled by a max carpenter and ww and a max adventurer, and lots of toons to do whats needed, starting over is such a hard concept, which is why I was particularly drawn to your thread. I wish there were some way you could have some sort of "shared server bank" in which you could give to your baby toons all the things you are able to on the same server.

Anyway, looks like you're going to get lots of help...and I am not surprised. I don't post a lot for many reasons having to do with RL, but I do read a lot on this forum, and there are always such wonderful people here. =)

Good luck once again! =)

Well I know what you mean Kat on being spoiled with your higher level alts for support.  That is exactly one of the main reasons I hadn't created another alt on another server for play after all this time, because I knew I wouldn't have the support of my other alts that I worked so hard to get. 

My bf has had to listen to my melancholy thoughts over the last several days trying to figure out what to do.  He loves being on Naggy so in a sense if I started a new life on another server I felt like we would be breaking up.  I had to confront what I actually want for my play style this year.  And the truth is I haven't played in a group with him for months as none of my gear is good enough for either PVP er PVE dungeons and the stress of getting to zones without getting ganked was too much to bear so I've been isolating and decorating. 

At the end of the day I've come to realize that I am really more of a RP, like casual play style and I want to enjoy Norrath and not hide in my guild and houses!  Nagafen works for others but really probably isn't for me. It was tough to get to that decision but I really don't have anything to lose at this point. I have one alt on AB, the rest are still on Naggy, I can move them anytime (at a steep price and when they fix the character transfer tokens).

We both have discussed that it would be awesome if you can choose your server upon logging in instead of being tied to just the one.  I do hope that if they elect to do cross server dungeon finder groups that one could try to meet and trade there?  Or they could give us a cross server broker as you suggested.  That would be even better!

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