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Found it on EQ2Traders walkthrough:

In addition to these basic soul traps, there will be 12 high-end (level 90+ gear) soul trap recipes that are drops. These fancier soul traps will not only have lovely primary stats, but a bunch of blue stats targeted at one of the four adventuring classes. (Fortified for tanks, Consecrated for priests, Arcanic for mages, Sheen for scouts.) They will come in crude, refined and prime, based on which astral material they use as a primary ingredient. (Each will also require a tungsten ore, among other things.) These 12 recipes, and the astral material will be drops. (I know the astral material is dropping in the advanced solo instances, and suspect the recipes might be from there as well.) When searching on the broker for these recipes, they will be named: "Imprint: Crude ___ Soul Trap", "Imprint: Refined ___ Soul Trap" and "Imprint: Prime ___ Soul Trap".

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