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Wanted to start a more focused discussion on this. I believe the purpose of this ability is to try to encourage groups to bring tanks over a dps or another healer in that spot. With that in mind, let's make sure any ideas or discussions we have are not bringing up solutions that completely get rid of this otherwise they probably wont take the suggestion that seriously.

Overall another thing for a fighter to do is not a total issue however, I believe my biggest issue with it, is there's no room for error and it seems like it's on almost every mob.

So for example
-If your out of power when the check comes... The group dies.
-If you are stunned when the check comes.... The group dies.
-If you accidentally cast the ability to early (or to late)..... The group dies.

I am not entirely sure of any other check in the game that is this punishing that is revolved around one player.

I suppose the easiest solution to it would be to make it Instacast,0 power cost , Castable under control effects with the only punishment being if you cast to early or late but, at this point I`m kind of hoping we can come up with a fundamental change to the way it works while keeping the intention of what they were trying to accomplish.

Just wanted to see other thoughts and ideas on it. Make sure we keep it constructive regardless Smile
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