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and here's what he said last year on the subject...

Originally Posted by Neurotoxin
Please don't get political with future SOE Live keynotes. Promotion of military is political, and to me patently offensive and unacceptable in the context of a fan festival for fictitious games.

Promoting the Military Gamers organization is one thing, but rewarding players for their length of active duty is getting into genuinely political territory.*If politics can't be avoided, then supporting LGBTQ players would be a much better subject to address, as the battle against LGBTQ oppression is something SOE actively supports. Nobody can be offended about LGBTQ rights except fascists and bigots and bullies, and with cyber-bullying on the rise, any stand against fascists / bigots / bullies is a plus for society as a whole.

Another subject that would be just as politically relevant for SOE to address is support for people with disabilities, and opposition to ableism. Bullying based on ableism is NOT tolerated by SOE, and so it would be just as important of an issue for SOE to take on at a SOE Live keynote.*
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