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Originally Posted by Neurotoxin
5) If there is anything overtly political, can we get very clear notice of it ahead of time? - - - (I honestly would have declined to do the player panel & requested a refund last year if I realized that part of the keynote or grand banquet was going to celebrate US military participation. There were very few disappointing things at SOE Live last year, and that was the worst by leaps and bounds.)
Political? Perhaps we saw different things at the event. Perhaps I dozed off and missed part of it. Or perhaps you're hearing one thing and calling it something else.

Commenting on or endorsing particular actions that the US military has engaged in would be political. For instance, if SOE were to say on stage that they supported the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, that would be political.

Recognizing the individual men and women who serve in the US military is not political. You may not like the military yourself and for all I know, you may have good reasons for that. But that doesn't make it political.

The big game that was launched last year by SOE was Planetside 2, a game about three different factions of military forces fighting to take control of a planet. One of the larger player panels was called "Military Gamers - Leveraging Military Experience in Gaming". The fact that they chose to recognize members of the real life US military didn't exactly come as a shock to me. But again, it wasn't political. If that's something that offends you, I'd recommend not attending any public events in the US since you never know when someone in the US will decide to to thank the men and women serving in the US military.

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