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1. Will the kids events be just on Saturday like last years, or will there be events on both Friday and Saturday?
2. Will Elizabitty need to have her swear filter on this year around Brasse after last year's "incident"

Originally Posted by Neurotoxin
5) If there is anything overtly political, can we get very clear notice of it ahead of time? - - - (I honestly would have declined to do the player panel & requested a refund last year if I realized that part of the keynote or grand banquet was going to celebrate US military participation. There were very few disappointing things at SOE Live last year, and that was the worst by leaps and bounds.)
Let us know ahead of time if you plan on doing another player panel for this year because I will make sure to avoid it like the plague and suggest to others who support our men and women who wear/did wear the uniform to do the same.
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