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I had a great time at SOE Live last year. Meeting other fellow players, getting to chat with the devs of different games, conducting a player panel with two of SOE's QA veterans, PS2 panels, hitting the photo booth with Tramell Ray Isaac and the VS Light Assault soldier, the list could go on for a while.

That being said, here are my questions:

1) Will Planet Hollywood provide better quality food and drinks with better variety? (At Bally's, warm stuff was cold, cold stuff was warm, bread was dry, vegetarian solutions were extremely limited, and beer was all totally weak sauce!)

2) Will there be a recruiting mini-mixer for industry hopefuls and professionals to interact regarding potential employment opportunities?

3) Will there be more skill-based or aesthetic-based contests? Possibly a player art gallery?

4) Could we get a hint as to what SOE Live 2012 PlanetSide players should expect to receive as their in-game item, content, or feature?

5) If there is anything overtly political, can we get very clear notice of it ahead of time? - - - (I honestly would have declined to do the player panel & requested a refund last year if I realized that part of the keynote or grand banquet was going to celebrate US military participation. There were very few disappointing things at SOE Live last year, and that was the worst by leaps and bounds.)

Thanks! I'm looking forward to SOE Live this year!!
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