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I think I'd go nuts if my modeling app didn't have some way to render what I was making... (specially since I don't remember which box my Poser disk is in to install on my new machine right now..and I need to get that going for some painting renders /sigh).

No, the environments wouldn't match 100%, but by using screen captures from the game you can get close enough if you want to put the effort in. That's up to you as far as wanting to preview your items in that way. Which may be the route you'll have to go for right now if it's something you really really really want to see. Because once the background elements and lighting and all that are setup, you can save that file and simply open it and bring in your models every time you want to preview something.

I've done it in the past to match renders of scantly clad dark elves to screen shots of EQ1 Neriak in the background. Not as hard as it sounds, and if you can teach yourself Blender or another modeling app, you can easily learn Poser/Studio - specially with the wealth of tutorials and resources that already exists for both apps. Lighting, materials settings, render settings - they're only as scary as you allow them to be.

Camera is less to worry about than lighting and material/render setup, because people are in control of their own cameras and will look at an item from all directions (some you probably don't even think to plan for too).

Or you can just make your model the best it can be and as long as it looks fine in a standard preview render, you'll probably be good to go regardless of everything else.

Because there isn't a catch all generic EQ2 environment. Neriak isn't the same as Gorowyn - nor Kelethin - nor any other place - etc,etc,etc. Are you going to request a testing environment that encompasses the entire available game environment? Call me whatever you will (I've been called all sorts of lovely things, I'm used to it), but I don't really see them wasting time and resources on something like this.

Not when we ourselves can put out a little effort and make a passable faux game environment if we really want to. /shrug

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