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That sounds like a cool idea, and it would be helpful in many ways.  SMILEY

However, until it happens...

... there is already a free program that will allow you to to see if things are roughly as they should be. (Note: this free 3D program is *not* associated with SOE.)

This free 3D rendering program (it can do a lot else also, but for the purpose you just requested, it does that):

After installing and opening (running) DAZ|Studio, you can use "import" to get the .obj into the "scene" viewing area. You can then select the .obj in the "scene" tab, and then go to the "surfaces (color)" tab and select the 3 .tga's that apply to the .obj (it has places where you can load diffuse [color] map, specular map, and normal map).

DAZ|Studio has assorted lighting presets, or you can create your own lighting. You can also rotate the "camera" (your point of view) all around the item, to see how it appears at all angles (and to double-check that you didn't leave any parts of the texture unpainted, for example).

This procedure allows you to "preview" the item with its textures. The viewscreen gives a fair preview, but a render is better.

When you choose an angle you think best shows off your item, Ctrl+r will render it for you - handy for making those "screenshot" images that PlayerStudio requires for its submissions. SMILEY You can actually orbit around the item and render it as many times as you wish, and then pick the best result for your screenshot preview.

If you wish to check for human-relatable scaling, go through the content library tab in DAZ|Studio and find Genesis. You don't have to morph or texture that human-esque figure -- just load it, to see how any other item compares for size.

Or else load any of the sample .obj's that SOE provides for scale-comparison purposes instead of Genesis. All 3 games that currently have PlayerStudio active use the same scale - approximately 6 feet tall for humans.

If you need or want to resize your item, you can do that using the "parameters" tab.  Then delete Genesis from the scene (use the scene tab, right click genesis, select "delete from scene") and then export your .obj from DAZ and it *should* adjust the size to match how the .obj appears in DAZ -- and that without changing the UV map or anything else except the size.

DAZ is very useful as a previewer, even if you don't have any interest in exploring that format for other artwork. It can even do some very simple, basic modeling, but not as well as dedicated modeling programs.

If someone already has a Poser, it can do all of the above functions (and more) also (though with different human figures). However, Poser is *not* free.

If all you really want is to preview your item and perhaps do a screenshot of how it might look in game, I'd recommend the free program instead. SMILEY

Hopefully that information may help someone!

Happy arting. SMILEY

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