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MasterMagnus wrote:

Thanks Mini!  I'm wondering...

After doing this do you want to remove/'unlink' the normals and spec textures before exporting the .obj file?  Or does it not matter?

When you export the .obj file you will want to uncheck the write materials box although Im not sure it matters. The things you wanted checked are: Apply modifiers/Include Edges/Include UV's/Obects as OBJ Objects.

The best way to double check everything is to re-import the file, apply a material to the obect, and add the 3 textures maps. You will want to set the specular level to zero on the material tab to get an idea of what the spec map is really doing.

Edit: By unchecking the write materials box you essentially remove all material/texture information from the .obj file. If you keep the write materials box checked it will include texture map info in the .obj file and I assume SoE does not want that.

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