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Armous wrote:

I'm using Blender to create the stuff I want to submit, but to my knowledge, Blender doesn't use a seperate image file for Normals or Spec.  I can convert the diffused color map to Normals and Spec Maps, but I don't know how to use those files within Blender to verify it looks like I want it to look.

If there are others using Blender, how do you verify the *_c.tga, *_n.tga & *_s.tga are providing the appearance you expect them to?  It is obvious verifying the color map, but not the normal or spec map.

Also, is it acceptable to initially make these map filed 1024 x 1024 then resize them to 512 which I believe it the acceptable image size SoE requires?


Hi Armous,

You can load in the normal and spec maps the same way you load in your diffuse map. Basically add another texture map under your difffuse texture. On the Image type (clouds is defualt) click image or movie. Then under the Image tab click the open button and load in your normal map. After that, click on normal map under the Image Sampling tab. Under the Mapping tab you want to change "Generated" to UV. Lastly, under the Influence tab, deselect color(under Diffuse) and select Nor(Under Geometry). You basically reapeat those steps with the spec map with a few exceptions. You will not want to select normal under the sampling tab and you will want to deselect color(under diffuse) and select intensity(under Specular) in the influence tab.

The game shaders will ultimately decide how the item looks in game but I have found that using the Blinn type specular material setting(under the material tab next to the texture tab) to be pretty close. You can also use the Toon specular setting but then you have to crank it waaaay down or else things will look overly shiny. Oh, and you will want to turn the materials specular intensity to zero once the spec map is loaded(under the material tab next to the texture tab).

I realize the above probably sounds complicated but it really isnt. Do a search on youtube for blender texture mapping and you will get tons of great video examples.

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