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I was playing in Frostfang Sea area and my cursor stopped working (being able to click and initiate spells) on hotbar one. It was ok on hotbars 2 & 3. I also noticed that hotbar 2 now only has 9 boxes and box #1 on hotbar 1 is the 'Alt =' box from hotbar 2. Are you still following me? So I camped out and logged back in... Now my hot bar 1 & 2 icons have swapped positions. Although now box 1 on my hotbar 1 is '=' and the rest on bar one are alt 2, alt 3, etc. and I still cant click any icons on hotbar one.

I just noticed the 2 end boxes will activate with the cursor but '2' thru '-' will not.

I can still activate all of my icons with the keyboard. Is there a repair file or something to fix this? I'm afraid to reboot the game again out of fear that next my character will be wearing all of my hotbar icons. :S



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