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Cardin Ward

a big Rock is coming through the wall into the building, not visible when close but visible from entrance - Location 416.43, 15.45, 53.28 (Orientation) 267.92 - This should no longer be an issue.

Two windows in a building have dodgy bottom right corners (art) - Location 383.28, 11.94, -48.00 (Orientation) 9.44

There are 2 Defending NPCs defending from inside a building and casting at attackers outside, I think these guys should be outside of the building -  Location 456.48, 15.17, 81.59- This should no longer be an issue.


There is water that doesn't behave as water when you go in the deep part, you run go under, you can't swim, stay mounted, don't have a breath meter and can't die.  There is no water sound when you enter. - Location 595.77, -19.35, -50.76

  Quest: Thugs on a Plain

On part 2 - Rescue captured cardivians, the cardivian npcs need  the red book above their head as I've noted we usually have on these kind of quests.

  Quest: The Cardin Gate

Someone already mentioned somewhere about kill stealing NPC's preventing updates, but the NPC's also have a chance (including Epicx2) of turning on your mercenary (mines a paladin), the Epicx2 killed my merc

  Quest: Out of the Fire

There is a Twilight Fern with only it's head poking out of the ground, I also noted an astral bush doing the same thing nearby, when the Twilight Fern is burned for the quest, the seed pod remains underground.  I forgot to note the location - oops

  Quest: Tamaris of the Tuatara

Glisten Frill roots are hard to find simply because they really blend well with the other bushes, they look great but can we get their names listed above them like other harvestables, and maybe white sparklies or green ect..  Also maybe it could be noted on the quest that we are looking for bushes to dig the roots from, rather than actual roots   I searched the whole zone for root looking things heh.

  Obol Plains

1) There is a revive point at - Location 159.21, 71.62, 245.66 (orientation) 46.00.  I'm not happy with being planted in the bushes almost nose to the cliff, it's difficult to see (maybe it's easier for larger toons? I'm a Fae)  can this be moved to slightly more open ground?- This should no longer be an issue.

2) Where the River comes from under the cliffs there is some art that needs tidying up underneath, look all under there - Location -95.51, 9.69, -452.01 (Orientation) 13.62- This should no longer be an issue.

3) At Augurs Landing, the Druid Rings are not sitting neatly on the ground and some stones are hovering slightly (amazing magic - no?)- This should no longer be an issue.


I think the artwork in Obol Plains is just gorgeous, the plains, the trees on the beach, the bushes ect.. the Gliders look more at home here than in KOS, I love them seeing them gliding around and that little spin they do up into the air and down is cute.  I particularly like the look of the Obol Shambler mob, this was nicely done. - Gracias! I will pass the note to the artists as well.

Thank you for your feedback!


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