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Ashlanne wrote:

Irish wrote:

The cloak is supposed to be one per character so will have to wait for a fix on that too.

The developers have been very responsive to that thread I imagine it will be fixed shortly.

aS OF 5:30 pm PT 8/26/10  I still can't claim cloak for all toons, also still can't claim my skiff on all my toons, I get "you can't consume this item" when I try to claim on my alts..   Very disappointed and hope that it's all fixed by tomorrow, still don't have all items for all games either, didn't get my FR stuff..

UPDATE!!! as of 5:45PM PT i just was able to claim my skiff on another toon.. YAY! SMILEY SMILEY  afraid to claim cloak incase I can't claim on other toons...

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