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Toball Tokor wrote:

Let's compare on equipment, just as evidence of how we take a hit. Out mythical is Ranged, it is what we use for DPS. It is our primary weapon. It is NOT recognized as a primary weapon for procs in most ( I know of none) on primary or secondary hand weapons. Most if not all adorns placed on the bow will affect and proc off of thier primary judicious gear etc.... For rangers nada. I have Skygazer's tooth, Lifespike, Nox Noctis, Betrayal's Song they give me stats but no procs off of my primary, Eagle's Talon.

I have heard the argument about the difference between 'any successful' and 'a successful', neither works off of our primary. For other's they will dual wield and get the benefits of thier mythical and any of the ones a ranger has. What fabled melee weapon can 'we' use that will proc anything from our primary attack as it does for every other melee for every other class dps or non dps?

Even our predator aa lines are lined up for melee not ranged melee. There are two predator's one ranged and one melee. How many predator aa's have a ranged focus? One of four lines has one ranged specific benefit. AA CA's are all melee not a single ranged. 1 out of 25 for ranged, why not 50/50?

In regards to procs, ranged weapons's procs only proc on ranged attacks/ca, and spell attack for some items. Procs on melee weapons only proc on melee cas or melee auto attack, excluding Maestro's sword since that procs on ca cast.


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