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Huntress Jellica wrote:

ChodeNode1 wrote:

For as much of a pain as Coverage is to use, the damage percentage increase should be MUCH higher than what it is. My opinion: Scrap it and give us a new ability. Do the same with Stream while you're at it.


When I won Coverage M1 on a raid, my guild acted as if I should be elated and overjoyed to take it. Yeah, ok.. I'm so thrilled to spend DKP on a CA that makes me be 25 meters, or whatever, away from the mob when I should be within FIVE. Oh, and god forbid if the mob starts to move right as I go to hit Coverage. Right. What a waste of a hotkey. I tried to use it at least twenty times, and it only went off successfully two or three times. So I then proceeded to removed it from my bar. And when it did go off my DPS went... DOWN. How does that make sense?

One thing I'd like to add about Sniper Arrow.. It can be used at point blank range. As can Fittest Survival. But Sniper Arrow definitely needs a boost.. Less cast time and/or higher damge. I would prefer AND on that one.

Btw, I hate the DKP system, but that's for another message board =p

Hey Jell,

I agree with you on Coverage, not to mention you probably miss an aa in the process of getting coverage and sniper off.  At least with SoA you can cast it and go take a [Removed for Content]....

Rangers need something other than pathfinding to make them useful in a raid.  We still do decent DPS from the scout/mage group.  Give us some utility and put us in a group with a dirge and we will light the place up.  Could care less if we are at top of parse with the assassins.  Just want to be needed in the raid.  We don't get the same opportunities, imo, because we give nothing back.  All the other scout classes have something that makes them unique and is needed in a raid/group setup. 

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