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Geo will also end up losing the only real decent damage it has going for it when you end up having to take off the epic piece that gives Mudslide the additional hit. The CC aspect of the class just doesn't outweigh the fact that geos have generally longer cast times and lower damage than the other classes, yes they have MORE spells that do damage than any other asc class but the damage/cast times don't make things equal at the end of the fight.

If the cast times were like normal eq2 cast times and 0.25-1 sec, maybe the CC would come into play more, but it's not worth the effort to try to time a 3.35 second cast daze to prevent a mob from killing you. It's basically a damage spell with fluff text, but that fluff text is costing you a 40-60% damage decrease compared to the other asc classes. The numbers below are from a month or two ago (max dmg pulled from eq2u), I mentioned Stone Hammer not being affected by the Geo ear in discord awhile ago, and am not able to get in game atm so I'm not sure if that still doesn't work.


For tank geomancers we never actually got the chance to even wear the epic belt that gave Granite Protector a decent damage boost (if you had the fervor belt from Roost, and now with the ethereal belt), so GP is pretty close to not being worth the cast time.

Being a Geo with 3 GM and 2 Experts of the damage spells that are worth casting (excluding GP) and GM lvl 10 potency buff, it feels bad to spend all the time upgrading that stuff, then realize when you switch to Thaum for Trak that you parse comparably with all apprentice thaum spells and don't even want to switch back when doing other content.
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