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One night in befallen.coercers some bright mind realized that the channel would disappear with the server, so he proceeded to create oasis.coercers -  and pre merger there were a few people in it (along with the old channel, of course).  Over the past few days I have sat all by myself in the channel, occasionally seeing a soul or two from Oasis in there.  I might have missed the memo that said Oasis spreads contagious diseases, but whatever the reason IDK where everyone ran to, or if it is just a coincidence. I def miss the ww chat, and hope to see everyone reconvened. I don't care where it is at, as long as it's live and useful.

Guk is often preferred because it is a short server name,  and guk.coercers  does exist -- so... I'm going to guess that this is what will become our new channel.

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