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Anekuh wrote:
[email protected] wrote:This is not an issue in solo/group settings. We do fine dps. However, we are not equal (or even close) dps wise in raid settings. Assassins dominate rangers every parse and that is a problem for our class.

Well, that's what has been puzzling me.

In general, it makes sense that someone at melee range should out-damage someone who's at a distance, if their risk of taking damage is higher by being closer.  The amount of damage they receive as a function of total health, damage mitigation, etc. figures in too, of course.  That's part of the "risk" factor.  I'm assuming assassins and rangers are equivalent in that regard, and that rangers are at less risk.

From all the whining going on, I'm guessing that isn't true in a raid - that rangers and assassins are at equal risk?

If so, I can see how that could be a problem, but a fix that wouldn't make a solo/small group ranger over-powered doesn't seem easy. 

If rangers are at less risk of damage than assassins, then it isn't reasonable for rangers to expect to out-damage them.

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