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RoXxer wrote:
[email protected]... what game have you been playing? EQ2 is a roleplayers game with some raiding? If you ever was a part of a typical guild, you would know that raiding is essential to the typical EQ2 player. As for roleplayers..they are rare.

Well the Guild I am in, is a lvl 55 Guild that raids maybe once a week.  I personally raid more than that (I know members of other Guilds that know I'm decent and let me tag along), and on occassion get the wierd look thrown at me by my guild mates because I have "solo" gear and "raid" gear etc.  But do a Guild search sometime on the servers and see how many "Roleplaying Guilds" you find.  There will be a lot, with the possible exception of PvP servers maybe.  Perhaps on your server it doesn't  happen but I can't go a day without a complete stranger trying to interact with me socially, even if its just waiting for the Boat to Kunark in Antonica.  Also If you read the whole thing, even if the game really isn't this way (and in my experience it is), it is sorta how the Dev's see it.  They see it as the anti-WoW, they see it as a game that encourages Role Playing, whether or not its the reality many of the Dev's see the game that way.  Heck we rangers have been struggling with our class for this very simple reason, the Dev's tend to see things differently than many of the players 

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